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This is “awesome” (I never thought I would use that word): I put the story up yesterday and already 19 people have “viewed” my posts. I took the precaution of putting the link up on a friendly site on FaceBook. But 19! I suppose that may not seem much to most people but its like, 19 as opposed to nothing. And each time I look at the computer (which isn’t too many times) there are more…



My first story

Posted: February 23, 2013 in publishing, stories

All afternoon I did battle with the computer: uploading chapters, editing, working out how to use WordPress. It wasn’t easy. Now I can announce I have a story on the internet and it is called “Melanie Slave”. How Melanie finds the man of her dreams (and nightmares) out on the pavement outside school.

Watch this space for more Madam Butterfly stories.

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