What is Phuklub?

Posted: March 3, 2013 in fans, festivals, venues, videos

When we did the Sydney Fringe Festival last year we made a promo video, which I thought was quite good (good job Jeremy Belinfante for your camera work and editing – you’re a genius!)

Jeremy shot parts of the video at the Roxbury Hotel, it was late in the evening, after the show, and I must admit the balance of my mind was disturbed. I got the mobile phone from our friend Magenta and she said “I’ll ring you up and it’ll look more real” – I was only going to use it as a prop. To cut a long story short I tried to turn it off (not having a mobile myself) and speed dialed Magenta’s mum. Picture it a strange woman rings you up out of the blue at 11 pm at night and talks suggestively, it would be kind of weird. Magenta said she was OK with it.

Anyway, what is Phuklub? I thought it was a whole lot like phone sex. Check it out.


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