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Upcoming Gigs

Posted: August 27, 2015 in festivals, gigs

fringebanner1fringebanner1Getting pumped for the Fringe!!! Come and get a taste of the feast which is my show.

Sunday 30-08-15 — Laugh Mob Sundays — At the World Bar, Kings Cross — 7 pm

Monday 31-03-14 — Crown Comedy — At the Crown Hotel, Church St, Parramatta — 7 pm

Tuesday 1-09-15 — TNL Comedy Sydney Fringe Comedy Showcases Chippendale Hotel, Abercrombie Street, Chippendale — 7.30 pm

For show details and tickets check out the website under Sue Thomas in Heaven and Hell!!!




This year I am fortunate enough to have both Adil Varisli and Justin Andersen supporting me in my show. Adil has been phenomenal in his ability to pump up the energy of the audience with his funny patter and his Turkish drum (or foreskin as he likes to put it). Justin has his own playful stand-up style which is very warm and funny. They will be providing breaks in the flow of my stories that will hopefully lighten things up and make for a very enjoyable comedy show. I hope you can come along. More information about my Sydney Fringe Comedy show (Sue Thomas in Heaven and Hell) at:

Watch this YouTube video of Justin that I took at the Record Crate comedy room or Mugg and Kettle as we like to call it.


Adil at my last year’s Fringe Festival Show (he’s the one with the drum).

DSC01945 - Copy


At the Factory Theatre (105 Victoria Road, Marrickville 2204)

Wed 2nd Sep 2015 – 7:00 pm

Fri 4th Sep 2015 – 7:00 pm

Sun 6th Sep 2015 – 6:00 pm


At the Hive Bar (near Erskineville train station)

Sunday 27th Sep 8.30 pm

For tickets visit the Factory Fringe Website


Sex at Sea World continued

Posted: August 11, 2015 in stories, videos

I had a great spot at Terrace Comedy at the World Bar not so long ago, reading a story I wrote for the lovely Bek and Nicole called Sex at Sea World about two girls and  a dolphin at Sea World on the Gold Coast. It went off really well as you will find out from these videos. They’re short and sweet but they have some laughs. Check them out!

Sex at Sea World — part 1

Sex at Sea World — part 2

Sex at Sea World — part 3

Sex at Sea World — part 4

Sex at Sea World — part 5

Sex at Sea World — part 6

Sex at Sea World — part 12

Sex at Sea World — part 14

Enjoying FicWad

Posted: August 11, 2015 in publishing, stories

Tom Sanderson at Mugg and Kettle comedy room said “Sue, why don’t you put some of your stories up on the internet?” and I thought yeah I really should do that. But of course I was scared. What would people think of my stuff and would there be legal repercussions (I spent ages editing out the words “Sea World” from the Rachel and the racist cockroach story, because I might get sued). I got myself really hung up on all these things.

Then I thought its out there for everyone to look at already, let’s face it that train has already left the station, I have YouTubes all over the internet (some of them with pretty fruity stuff). So I did a search for good sites for posting my stories and I found FicWad and I chose it because it had an erotica category and I felt particularly vulnerable about this aspect of my stuff. It was quite easy to use (though I made a mouthful of it, how like me). Here are the first of my posts:

  1. Samantha and her virtual man
  2. Rachel and the racist cockroach
  3. Dolphins are fun

Seriously good Seizure poster

Posted: August 1, 2015 in festivals, gigs, photos

I went up to one of the seminars the Sydney Fringe Festival held about marketing our shows and met with Soame Chopra and C.J. Delling, both very funny comics. Soame showed me a picture of the poster Seizure Kaiser designed for him and I was really knocked out. Very eye catching! So I thought I have to have me one of them. Fortunately Seizure was happy to do one for me too. Its based on one of the queen cards and has a very insightful ying and yang theme which expresses my character to a tee. Check it out. Maybe Seizure will make a poster for you sometime when he gets back from overseas.

seizure posterseizure poster

seizure posterseizure poster