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Check me out on Youtube

Posted: December 18, 2015 in videos

Check me out on YouTube!!! Here is my channel with more wonderful videos.


Last Phuklub at the Roxbury Hotel

Posted: December 17, 2015 in gigs

last phuklub

This show is going to be good — I have something short prepared if I can guilt trip Ben to let me get on. I know I can do it — I’m at least as phukked up as these guys.

We’re absolutely sure it will be the last Phuklub at the Roxbury Hotel this time — because they’re tearing the place down.  I’m very unhappy about that but you have to build skyscrapers; there’s a rule.

Xmas is a time to reminisce: This is where it all started at Fox Studios (as it was then). Back when I started doing comedy there were very few rooms in Sydney. You went up to the Comedy Store and you put your name down on the sheet. If you didn’t get a spot you got one the following week. Not exactly heaven but it got you stage time and you got to hang out with other comedians. Here is me with all these pillars of the Sydney comedy scene (left to right: Clint Paddison, Chris Radburn, Brett Nichols, Me (Sue Thomas), Rash Rider, Mick Merridith). I’ve still got that tee shirt!

sue at fox studios

Last week at the Roxbury Hotel

Posted: December 17, 2015 in biography, gigs, photos, venues

Last week at the Roxbury Hotel — What a blow — such a nice pub and we’ve had so much fun — with Phuklub, Quest for the Best and Rox Comedy. And now they are going to tear it down! Here are some selfies of me taken in one of my favourite places in the hotel — the upstairs loo!