Great review from last year’s Fringe

Posted: May 10, 2016 in fans, festivals, reviews

I’ve been updating my blog and putting a little bit of retro stuff in there. Thanks Michaela Kaiser for this great review!

From Weekend notes, edition 10, by Michael Kaiser.

The first time I saw Sue Thomas perform was at Sydney’s longest running open mic night, Mic In Hand (held at The Friend In Hand, Glebe) As she read her 50 Shades Of Grey-style tales, she immediately had the audience in stitches and I was genuinely crying from laughter Her comedy is unique and incomparable to anything else around. Sue says her favourite comment she’s heard from someone after watching her show is “My Mum and Dad liked your act” but I think her hilarious erotic tales are for all of us, if you’re over 18, that is (no kiddies at this one) I soon found that Sue was a regular around the Sydney Comedy scene and has performed all around the place, including The Comedy Store, reserved only for Sydney’s best talent (Oh’ La’ De’ Da) I had a quick chat with Sue to find out a bit more about her show and why we should all get on down there this September to kick off Fringe

What makes your comedy different from other shows at Fringe?

My comedy works on several levels. I do regular “bits”, like jokes, like other comedians but I also do my erotic stories, which I comment on from a “moralistic” standpoint (seriously, who writes this stuff?), I improvise. This year in an effort to break the show up a bit and provide productive pauses from the Sue wonderment I have asked two of my friends to do some of their stuff (Justin Andersen and Adil Varisli) like ad breaks on TV, I hope this will keep it light”

Both those support acts are great and with tickets at just $10, what better way to kick off the night with a laugh?


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