More retro stuff — Phuklub review

Posted: May 18, 2016 in reviews, venues

I woke at 5 pm in a pool of my own sweat and thought ‘I must back up my computer’ — ever had that thought?

Anyway as I was doing it I found this review from Dom Romero, the first famous person I met as a comedian doing Raw Comedy, that first fateful night .

The context is Phuklub, that notorious and totally enjoyable room we had for years at the Roxbury Hotel; till they found out we were doing it and stopped us. LOL

The reason I like this review especially is because it makes me sound like a feminist heroine and it proves I was on Phuklub pretty much every time; for good or ill.

Here’s the review (Stand and deliver blog / Dom Romero ;  Sunday, January 08, 2012 –as seen 12/6/12) — click on the link for heaven’s sake! :

Zen and the art of complete and utter chaos

If I have misgivings or concerns about Phuklub, it’s the way in which it comes across as a naughty boys’ club. There’s room for girls if they can hold their own, titillating with out-grossing antics. That’s how it seems on the surface.

This isn’t the case, however. Ash and Blake offer the example of Sue Thomas, a regular fixture on the Sydney open mic circuit and of Phuklub. By day she’s a “librarian at the State Library who used to stalk Paul McDermott”.

“Sue’s on virtually every Phuklub,” Blake says. “She reads erotic fiction while we play the theme from Twin Peaks over the top of it.”


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