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Another random spot at the Friend

Posted: July 23, 2016 in gigs, venues

What do you do when Liam at a Mic. In Hand says “would you like to do a spot Sue?” you say “yes”. Pity I still have a problem with checking my messages. But I’m excellent on FaceBook — that’s where all my friends hang out. LOL

I did a reasonable set — my mother stories and a poem which went down quite well called “How I (nearly) lost my virginity”. Here’s the call sheet. There is no fat on that. All solid talent! Funny as!!!



Record Week

Posted: July 23, 2016 in gigs, stories, venues

There are a lot of comedy rooms now and I try to get around to as many new ones as I can. This week was a record week for me — I did 5 rooms, Monday to Friday, and had a lot of fun, a lot of the jokes landed and we had a few laughs. Here’s a round up of what I did and where.

Monday: Crown Comedy (Crown Hotel, Parramatta) — June gets more than she bargains for. 5 mins.

Tuesday: Sweeneys (Town Hall Sydney) — Octopus story. 4 mins.

Wednesday: Molotov Comedy (B.E.D., Glebe Point Road) — Mother stories and How I (nearly) lost my virginity. 4 mins.

Thursday: A Mic. In Hand (Friend in Hand Hotel Glebe) — Mother stories and How I (nearly) lost my virginity. 5 mins.

Friday: Comedy After Hours (Oxford Circus bar, Darlinghurst) — Silent Witness story and How I (nearly) lost my virginity. 10 mins.

Late Night Live (LOL)

Posted: July 22, 2016 in facebook, gigs, photos, reviews, venues

Friday sometime (22/7/17): I can’t believe I’m actually doing comedy in the middle of the night. Dan Muggleton’s Comedy after hours will be something to write home about tonight.

Comedians pictured (left to right): Waka, Daniel Muggleton, Kyle Legacy.

Late Saturday (23/7/17): The gig went well, that is to say I was reasonably happy in the way I got out the material (as I sat there on my own talking to the bar tender and drinking my solitary gin and tonic) — The audience were happy (they laughed) and Daniel Muggleton (pictured centre) was happy too (he gave me the extra drink token, cool!) — which is most important because he booked me and may book me again. LOL

Monday morning (25/7/16) FaceBook:

Sue: Thanks for the spot Daniel – I had a lot of fun – that’s what I do it for mostly – please let me know if you have a spot for me again. 🙂

Daniel 9:24am   hey pleasure, thanks for doing it! you did real well

My show is going to be huge this year — as well as my own brand of story telling and humour there will be Adil Varisli (with his Turkish drum), Stephanie Broadbridge (with her Ukelele) — sweet!!!

What makes my comedy different from other shows at Fringe?

My comedy works on several levels. I do regular “bits”, like jokes, like other comedians but I also do my erotic stories, which I comment on from a “moralistic” standpoint (seriously, who writes this stuff?), I improvise. This year in an effort to break the show up a bit and provide productive pauses from the Sue wonderment I have asked two of my friends to do some of their stuff like ad breaks on TV, I hope this will keep it light”

Keep an eye on the event page for more developments.


Poster by Paige Hally.

My FaceBook Page

Posted: July 21, 2016 in facebook, gigs, photos, Uncategorized

I’m trying to put my up-coming projects on my FaceBook page. So I am making a commitment to updating it on a regular basis. Check it out!!!


Saucy spot at Oxford Circus

Posted: July 19, 2016 in fans, gigs, venues

The moment I found out Dan Muggleton was going to start Comedy After Hours at the Oxford Circus bar I thought — this is the room for me. I have bugged the shit out of him ever since (not literally shit, but who knows).

There’s nothing like a small dark room full of drunken people that says Sue Thomas is going to have a good time. Throw in a saucy tale and a few lurid insights (and the occasional free drink) and I am having a good time.

I’ve gone to Comedy After Hours a couple of times and watched the show and it was a totally pleasurable experience. This Friday night (or early Saturday morning) the laughs are on me!!! That’s a picture of Cait (you can tell she’s a lot thinner than me.)

oxford circus22-7-16


harold park

I thought I’d post the pdfs of the running sheets of my three shots at Harold Park Hotel. Each time I performed at this venue I had a really good time. You try a lot harder when its a really good room. I haven’t dropped the ball!!!

May 2015 harold park 07-12-16

November 2015 Harold-Park-Tues-10-Nov-Laugh Stand

July 2016 Harold Park-Tuesday-12-July-2016-The-Laugh-Stand