What I liked about doing Fringe

Posted: September 19, 2016 in festivals, gigs

Well that’s my fringe show for another year. It was a lot of fun. What did I like about doing my fringe show???

  1. Learning stuff (organising my own show, dealing with venues, accepting unexpected help with diplomacy and grace).
  2. Working with my friends (this is where the diplomacy comes in – I don’t know everything – feedback is great and a chance to learn).
  3. Respect of other comedians (and feedback always welcome).
  4. A lot more random people came than I expected (this was quite scary).
  5. I’m still using my books but I forgot to bring the one I needed up on stage for one of my poems — I ploughed on through and remembered it — if not necessarily in the “right” order. Well done Sue!
  6. Thinking outside the box of the Factory. I could put on a show anytime.
  7. Artist pass — you can go and see a lot of excellent shows for free.
  8. Discovering Mr Falcon’s which is a very cosy venue and a lot of fun.
  9. Knowing who will back you up, no matter what (with advice and just being there in case you need help).
  10. Random help — like Tom Sanderson getting behind my tee shirts and taking a dynamite photo I used on FaceBook  (40 hits) and Nick Capper wearing one of my tee shirts on stage.

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