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Acting in Matt Fung’s short Finger Bang (original title “Home Invaders”) is only my second go at acting in a film. It was quite a voyage of discovery. I learnt I can’t remember my lines, I love pizza and am generally racked with guilt. I wrote a story about making this short film, I edited out most of the embarrassing bits (no don’t sue me I don’t have a lawyer, LOL).

By the way in case you were wondering, Wiktionary defines “fingerbanging” as: “To insert one or more digits into another person’s vagina or anus for sexual pleasure”; I knew that.

Sue and James BAE.jpg

Matt Fung did a lot of very cute preparation for his short film “Home Invaders” of which this poster is only part (it appears behind me and James Brennan behind us on the couch) — Quite a picture!!! Sorry Michelangelo!!! No, I am not God!!! (I’m still worried about the penis).

The film is part of Matt Fung’s UTS course and is destined for Tropfest. Check this YouTube out for the finished work. Its amazing!!! (Watch this space after Tropfest).

I think Matt and his friends are definitely like the Beatles though, all that  youthful enthusiasm and charisma — you wish you were one of them (in case your were still thinking about fingerbanging, just for the record, James Brennan and I are just good friends) — “my forehead itches”, I wrote that line!

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Crown Comedy at Lewisham

Posted: October 10, 2016 in gigs, photos, venues

Thursday last I was at Crown Comedy for the show at the Louis Hotel at Lewisham – its an excellent venue – $10 hamburgers which were lovely and juicy – and they had some passable hooch.

There were lots of our old friends from Parramatta (Peter Gleeson, Matthew Williamson, Sean Morahan and Justin Jones) and friends from Comedy on the Edge (Seizure Kaiser, Mark Williamson, Peter Meisel and Jasmin Langdon) and more.

I had a good time, the staff were very welcoming and friendly and we all got up and did our not so tight fives. Seizure and Mark told some very funny stories and we all fell about. About these photos: I think I’m losing weight. LOL


Womb Cop Shoot

Posted: October 4, 2016 in acting, biography, facebook, festivals, photos, videos

This is what I did on the weekend. Another film shoot. This time with director Corey Farrell. The Womb Cop team are headed for Tropfest it seems!!!

Here’s an account of the film shoot. It was a lot of fun.

Spoilers!!!!! Check out the trailer with the lovely Madeleine Culp.


sam-womb cop.jpg

Sam Kissajukian does green screen