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Sweenies Christmas special

Posted: December 21, 2016 in fans, gigs, running sheets, venues

Thanks to Jamie Kirk for giving me a spot at the Sweenies Christmas special.

Each comic got 3 minutes so I decided to do my teddy bits because that would be about my time. I think it went okay, lets face it “polished” is what the teddy stuff is all about. LOL

As you can see from the line-up it was a snap shot of the Sydney Online scene — all the regulars, supported by their friends and fans (thanks Sahar for bringing your pals). It was a lot of fun.

Everyone was very funny but Martin Curtis really made the comedians bawl with laughter with his references to their well-loved sets, Freddie McManus, Tristan Hayes and more (yes and me too, haha).

Three big sets full of oldies and newbies with Shanice kindly bringing half of the crowd (her mum and aunties — they are all beautiful in her family — lucky Wylie J!!!).


Coogee Comedy Night

Posted: December 11, 2016 in gigs, photos, venues

Coogee Comedy Night with Dan Rath.

My first go at this hotel with Dirty Thunder comedy.

The evening went well with sterling performances from Kyle Legacy and Dan Rath. I went down okay too.

I was a bit worried about the show being in the Beach Bar because it was full of happy people entertaining each other but they were nice enough to let us in and a good time was had by all.


Check out these photos by friend Thao took.