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Argyle Comedy Club

Posted: June 26, 2018 in gigs, venues

Monday night at Argyle Comedy Club was a very nice experience. People talked about the “womb-like” ambiance of the room (at the Argyle Tavern). People drank happy hour cocktails. People laughed; and people came back after the break. I closed the first half and thanks to the helpful venue staff I had both a light (to read by) and a stool. It was very comfy. The audience were very nice. I had a very good time. I will definitely be signing on again.



Here is the running sheet for a Mic in Hand on Thursday 14th June 2018.

Mc Katie Burch

Anthony Locascio, Rumi Talwar, Waka, [break] Sue Thomas, Andrew Hastings, Danny Giles [break] Christian Elderfield, Alex Jae


Lady Hampshire Haha!

Posted: June 21, 2018 in gigs, venues

This is the second spot I did at this lovely gay friendly and dog friendly hotel (the Lady Hampshire). It was full on! We nearly had two fights but everyone had a good time, because of the fights or despite them I wasn’t sure. At least it wasn’t my fault. Fortunately for me they like weird stuff down there.

lady hampshire1

Sunday 17th June was my third go at this excellent room (What She Said). The whole set up is amazing. The room runners (Naomi, Sophie and Alex) are very supportive with pictures and videos and encouragement which is the most important thing. I love it. And the audiences have been very warm. I couldn’t believe my luck.

This is what they say:

What She Said is a weekly all women comedy night packed with stand up, storytelling, sketch and musical performances from Sydney’s best comics.

Every Sunday at The Chippo Hotel at 6:30pm
Tickets $10 online, $15 on the door
Food and drinks available to purchase on the night

what she said1

Two Wolves bites the dust

Posted: June 2, 2018 in facebook, gigs, venues

billy-george-freddy at molotov

Molotov (the sign-up-on-the-night room, previously known as Mugg and Kettle) has always been a bone of contention but that was part of its charm. So we were cheap, used the f and the c words, and broke most of the licencing laws. We got a lot of talent flowing through those poorly lit, poorly sanitised, poorly maintained halls.

On Wednesday 30th May 2018, after a nine month experiment to prove the proposition that underground comedy can work at a Christian run bar, the team (Freddy McManus, Billy Darcy and George Pettifer) called it a day. Don’t get me wrong, there was as always an enthusiastic following, but in this the third try for the franchise, artistic differences were cited as one of the reasons the venue gave for the split. The audiences loved us; but the venue had God on their side.

I have always been kind of hooked on this room because there were none of the constraints that there are in many rooms where you have to be good. I think you have to be bad to be good.  It’s all part of the creative process. Try things out, throw out what you don’t like and then build on what remains. That’s what was so valuable about this room. And I’d just like to say well done to all the people who have been involved, running, participating and most of all, supporting the room; because no room is any good without a crowd.

Molotov crowds have been very kind to me and for that I thank them. They are champions. Sitting through 40 plus comedians week after week, some of whom are doing comedy for the first time, can’t be easy, especially when they have to do it sitting on very hard chairs.

I took a survey on the last night of Molotov because I was afraid that I was solely responsible for the room’s demise. The other comedians brought up a lot of controversial concepts for the audience to deal with like: drug taking, racism, religion, pederasty, bestiality and sex toys, making it a challenging and lively show.