Fringe Festival at the Hilarium 2018

Posted: September 16, 2018 in festivals, gigs, venues, videos

The Hilarium moved to Magic Monkey at Kings Cross this year and has been a lot of fun. A lot more than I could possibly have imagined when I was thinking about doing the Sydney Fringe this year. I think the shows I took part in at the Hilarium can be counted a success as well because plenty of people turned up. Some sessions were packed to capacity and more (don’t tell anyone). A lot of nice people came up to me and gave me feedback, thanks everyone. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Here’s me on video at Roast Battle.

hilarium at fringe 2018

Dean Hagland partnered up with Seizure again on this Fringe project, before he returned to the USA. Seizure Kaiser, as usual, is the entrepreneur par excellence!!! I say that mostly because he’s put a few gigs my way for Fringe this year. For instance:

  1. xxx Comedy Show (1st, 6th and 29th September, at 9.30 pm)
  2. Best of Fest.  (8th, 20th, 22nd and 29th September, 7.30 pm)
  3. Wicked Women (Friday 7th and 8 Sept., 9.30 pm)
  4. Roast Battle (against Gavin Scott — he won — 14th September, 8.30 pm)
  5. Its a Match!!! (21st and 27th September at 9.30 pm)
  6. Open Mike at the Kings Cross Hotel, (21st, 22nd and 29th September, 11.30 pm)
  7. Best of Fest. at Kings Cross Hotel (29th September, at 8.30 pm)

hilarium 2018


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