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Womb cop award number two!

Posted: February 25, 2018 in acting, awards, festivals

For anyone who hasn’t been following this Womb Cop is a short film starring Madeleine Culp and Sam Kissajukian and directed by Corey Farrell. It now has its second international award!

womb cop award2


It’s a big world out there Barnaby

Posted: February 13, 2018 in acting, facebook

Thanks to Barnaby Joyce and his “private life” I got a go on Sean Ticehurst’s (Edge Radio Producer) radio show on Australian Radio Network on Wednesday February 7. Sean wanted 3 people to ring in. I rang in, was interviewed and made some stuff up. It was a lot of fun.

Here’s our dialogue on FaceBook before the show about what I was supposed to say on air:

Sean Ticehurst
 Hey sue
You’ll like this one
I’ll call you just after 5
Sean Ticehurst
 And tell me what you didn’t do today… So I’ll say ” hey Sue, what didn’t you do today ” And you say ” I didn’t kill anyone today ” And illl ask anything else you didn’t do ? And I also didn’t have an affair with my work colleagues ” I’ll say was that hard ? And you say, nah it’s pretty easy to not have an affair…
Sean Ticehurst
 You can come up with something for the first one
Didn’t run anyone over
Didn’t steal anything
Didn’t punch anyone
You get the idea
does the made up one come first?
Sean Ticehurst
the the affair one
it’s a stab at barnaby joyce
okay – ill look forward to it 🙂

Sean Ticehurst
 Call in 10

Nippers escape!

Posted: November 19, 2017 in acting, videos

OMG! I’m on a webcast (or whatever the young people call it). Check out Comedy Central. Its called Nippers of Dead Bird Bay (episode 1. The new kid). And I am in it for one horrible second. This fragment was the result of an hour spent in Craig Anderson’s bedroom in Marrickville (no he wasn’t there). I spent the whole time laughing maniacally to order and they only used this weird little bit where I crooked my finger. Its worth a look — everyone in Sydney comedy is in there for a shot at shaving a few seconds off their fifteen minutes of fame. Thanks to Sam Campbell and Eric Hutton for giving me the part.

Dave Eastgate Shoot

Posted: September 24, 2017 in acting, gigs, videos

Friday night (22nd Sept. 2017) I was up at Factory Theatres at the beginning of my bigh night. The cast of Ahmed Zhub – Kebab Tonight were hanging, waiting to go on stage.

That was when Greta said “did you get a phone call from Nick Radford from A-List?”.  I checked my phone and apparently I had. Would I like to take part in a shoot as an extra with Dave Eastgate? I said yes. Why wouldn’t I? Dave was fighting someone at a barbeque. It sounded fun.

So there I was at Marrickville Park after my big night at the Factory with Ahmed Zhub – Kebab Tonight and my Roast Battle at the Hilarium feeling a little bit tired. The sun was beating down on our heads.

We all sat around a table like we were at a barbeque and we were the family of Greta or Dave who were at daggers drawn. We look at the actors. We don’t like Greta and we don’t like Dave Williams who was wearing a shirt with an AC/DC badge. We all just watch while Greta puts a pavlova on the table and Alistair’s girls pinch strawberries off the top and run away. That was our scene.

Then we just hung around some more, trying to find the shade.  Boner Contention, all dressed in black sat under a tree and looked pretty cool.

The video was set at a barbeque area and everyone else had something to do. Dave Eastgate and Greta had some other scenes to do, the crew were prepping (making things look like a barque, setting up cameras and the kids were playing as kids do (Alistair’s kids got a lot of stuff to do, stealing food, throwing food, I was quite jealous).

I just stood around checking out the other people having fun; making stupid jokes.

One scene (not connected with the video) that amused me was on the slippery dip, a little boy was funnelling gravel down a shute to a little girl and every time he did it she went “no, no, no!” I thought it was funny (because he kept on doing it. Haha).

After a couple of hours of watching other people acting and watching other people prepping and watching people play; the director said “that’s a wrap!” I thought it was a barbeque.  LOL. I think I like to be centre stage.

Turns out it was for the Boner Contention’s Bonerific BBQ/Video Shoot. Another one for my “acting” CV?



Here’s the trailer for Womb Cop for those of us that don’t have a 3 minute attention span. LOL. Its even funnier at 10 seconds! Check it out!

This is what director Corey Farrell posted on FaceBook:

Womb Cop “the ultrasound” aka. VFX/Grade breakdown…

Although it’s a silly little short a lot of hard work went into making it look as good as it could. Here’s a little vid to highlight that x

Special thanks to Clem and Yavor and Heckler

Credit: Ace of Bass




What about this? Womb cop is screened at the Die Laughing Film Festival in Hollywood. How exciting!!!

womb cop-festival

Finger Bang is released!!!

Posted: March 13, 2017 in acting, publishing, videos

Acting in Matt Fung’s short Finger Bang is only my second go at acting in a film. It was a lot of fun to shoot it with a group of talented young people (Geraldine, Freddie, Jonathan and James). It was like being on the shoot of “A Hard Day’s Night” (with the Beatles) but with less music and not in black and white.  Anyway, here is the finished product.  I think it is very funny, I didn’t write it but I got one of the starring roles. Good on me. Thank God the water boarding sound affect was put on “in post”.