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Womb cop award number two!

Posted: February 25, 2018 in acting, awards, festivals

For anyone who hasn’t been following this Womb Cop is a short film starring Madeleine Culp and Sam Kissajukian and directed by Corey Farrell. It now has its second international award!

womb cop award2


ROAST BATTLE!!!  was great! I had a very good time which was surprising because I never did this kind of thing before. Te was a worthy opponent but the best woman won apparently. Thanks to the judges: Liam, Peter Meisel and Amanda Grey!

roast battle7


You know how I said I never win anything — well I was completely wrong. Here I am with the crown on my head again at the Crown Hotel in Parramatta. For me this is all about winning friends, a lot of lovely people turn up on Monday nights.

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable evening with a lot of other acts — sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious; I got my vibrator out and did a bit of show and tell. Everyone was happy. Which is rather my point.

Thanks very much to Sharney Nougher and David Tieck for these lovely photos. Me and a vibrator, what would my mother say?!


I Never Win Anything

Posted: March 14, 2016 in awards, competitions

I usually say “I never win anything” but this photo blows that story out of the water. I won the Crown Comedy award (for a redition of my Octopus Story) and a lot of nice friends.  I should put this award on my Fringe Application. LOL. And this is quite a cheeky photo.

crown comedy winner1

Crown First Birthday Bash

Posted: March 11, 2016 in awards, gigs

Crown First Birthday Bash (make sure you click here. LOL) on 22nd of February was a lot of fun. All the crew turned up and we had a lot of fun, kicking about some comedy of our own and listening to the zingers of our friends. The brief was do your polished stuff which was a bit of a problem because this is totally against the spirit of the room. Crown is a great venue for doing your fresh — semi formed stuff. I did my Octopus story which is a favourite and enjoyed wearing my party hat.