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What about this? Womb cop is screened at the Die Laughing Film Festival in Hollywood. How exciting!!!

womb cop-festival

ROAST BATTLE!!!  was great! I had a very good time which was surprising because I never did this kind of thing before. Te was a worthy opponent but the best woman won apparently. Thanks to the judges: Liam, Peter Meisel and Amanda Grey!

roast battle7


I’m looking forward to The Stand Up and Be Counted Comedy Festival 2017 at Club Bondi Junction RSL  — Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 07:00 pm.

Book early — tickets are $12

Our Special Guest MC for the night is the fabulous…
Mr Peter Meisel

The Contestants (Not In Running Order): Maddie Jeanie, Alex White, Jarrod Berwick, Rick Reeves, Bobby Deez, Will Leonhardt, Justin Jones, Billy D’Arcy, Sue Thomas, Blake Everett

Special Guest Act
Trudi Ross

stand up and be counted comedy festival 2017

Here is the final product: Womb Cop,  the movie that I made with director Corey Farrell. Its very funny and although I only had a small part it was a lot of fun. Look out for the stars: Ruven Govender, Sam Kissajukian and Madeleine Culp. They are great!

[Monday 27-3-17] It gets better: director Corey Farrell says Womb Cop is an official selection of the Die Laughing Film Festival in Hollywood. Talk about in with the in crowd!

You know how I said I never win anything — well I was completely wrong. Here I am with the crown on my head again at the Crown Hotel in Parramatta. For me this is all about winning friends, a lot of lovely people turn up on Monday nights.

Anyway, it was a very enjoyable evening with a lot of other acts — sometimes poignant, sometimes hilarious; I got my vibrator out and did a bit of show and tell. Everyone was happy. Which is rather my point.

Thanks very much to Sharney Nougher and David Tieck for these lovely photos. Me and a vibrator, what would my mother say?!


Just signed up to Laugh Fest 16 Hope this story gets me through!

I Never Win Anything

Posted: March 14, 2016 in awards, competitions

I usually say “I never win anything” but this photo blows that story out of the water. I won the Crown Comedy award (for a redition of my Octopus Story) and a lot of nice friends.  I should put this award on my Fringe Application. LOL. And this is quite a cheeky photo.

crown comedy winner1