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Booked Gigs in October

Posted: November 11, 2018 in facebook, festivals, gigs, venues

You know what they say girls who have fun don’t write in their diaries. I was one of those girls this month. I have had some choice gigs. And as I often say to myself: if you can’t write a story write a list. Here goes:

  1. Tuesday 2nd October — Set List — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge — Set List refines the idea of ‘improvised stand-up’ into a hilarious showcase of some of stand-up comedy’s best minds working.” – Punchline Magazine
    Jamie Kirk
    Jarred Keane
    Sue Thomas
    Joel Henry
    Darien Brown
  2. Saturday 13th October — Pat Doherty’s Late Night Show — At Staves Brewery during the Powerbomb Festival — This is what Pat said on FaceBook: Thank you to everyone that came to see PDLNS on Saturday for the @powerbombcomedy Festival at @stavesbrewery .
    My Dad came along and after the show proceeded to tell me, ‘You were good but the show just needs a little more Alfie (@alfiecannock )’
    The best dang house band in the World the @vintage_slims
    @whitebaitonline , Sue Thomas, @benkochan , @kathrynteee (also thank you for producing) and Alan Rutledge! Thanks to our other brilliant producer Dan Pollock.
    Thank you to the @powerbombcomedy gang for putting in all the effort to create what is a super fun comedy festival!
    @ Powerbomb Comedy
      (photographs).sue at powerbomb fest oct2018.jpg
  3. Tuesday 16th October — Swapsies (Sue Thomas/Anna Price) — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge — Video of the audience Thap Joan and Sam Menzies host a comedy event where 6 comedians will do their acts on stage and then later in the show they swap sets with each other! The challenge is to see who can do it the other persons set better after seeing & hearing it for the first time. One of the funniest shows to come out of the festival circuit and based on the hit JOKE THEIVES this is a show not to miss!
    Featuring acts
    Shayne Hunter and Craig McLeod
    Dave Henningham and Marty Morgan
    Sue Thomas and Dolores Lorette
    more TBA With special performances by Seizure Kaiser and a special guest
  4. Saturday 20th October — Cider Festival show — Tudor Hotel for Tudor Comedy —
  5. Tuesday 23rd October — “Its a Match!!!” — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge –ITS A MATCH! a Tinder-themed panel show where we explore people’s love lives onstage in a hilarious and heartfelt show that you don’t wanna miss!
    The rules are simple: you put your name in the bucket on the night or online and if you are selected, you get up onstage and have your profile reviewed by our panel of “experts”. Its gonna be embarrassing, heartfelt, honest, gross, and also very very funny.
    Hosted by
    Anthony Locascio – Comedian and featuring
    Christian Elderfield (Comedian)
    Seizure Kaiser
    Jarred Keane
    Thap Joan
    Sophine Bramnick (US)
    Ben Squires
    Sue Thomas
    David Poltorak
  6. Thursday 25th October — Kings Cross Comedy Club — At Kingscross Hotel for Comedy on Edge
  7. Sunday 28th October — What She Said Comedy (“Doggy Style poem”) — Chippo Hotel what she said 28-10-2018
  8. Tuesday 30th October — Comedy Covers (As Joan Rivers) — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge —  The 8th Annual
    See Sydney comedians dress up and cover their favourite comedians act
    This is a fun annual event celebrating comedians and the acts who are inspired by them. Hosted by Seizure Kaiser as TBA, Featuring:
    Fady Kassab as George Carlin
    Fabian Aguirre as tba
    Matthew Williamson as Arj Barker
    Joel Henry as Frankie Boyle
    Joel anderson as tba
    Ashleigh K-ay as Dane Cook
    Cory Fernandez as Dave Attel
    Sue Thomas as Joan Rivers
    Sam Menzies as Joe Rogan

The Hilarium moved to Magic Monkey at Kings Cross this year and has been a lot of fun. A lot more than I could possibly have imagined when I was thinking about doing the Sydney Fringe this year. I think the shows I took part in at the Hilarium can be counted a success as well because plenty of people turned up. Some sessions were packed to capacity and more (don’t tell anyone). A lot of nice people came up to me and gave me feedback, thanks everyone. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Here’s me on video at Roast Battle.

hilarium at fringe 2018

Dean Hagland partnered up with Seizure again on this Fringe project, before he returned to the USA. Seizure Kaiser, as usual, is the entrepreneur par excellence!!! I say that mostly because he’s put a few gigs my way for Fringe this year. For instance:

  1. xxx Comedy Show (1st, 6th and 29th September, at 9.30 pm)
  2. Best of Fest.  (8th, 20th, 22nd and 29th September, 7.30 pm)
  3. Wicked Women (Friday 7th and 8 Sept., 9.30 pm)
  4. Roast Battle (against Gavin Scott — he won — 14th September, 8.30 pm)
  5. Its a Match!!! (21st and 27th September at 9.30 pm)
  6. Open Mike at the Kings Cross Hotel, (21st, 22nd and 29th September, 11.30 pm)
  7. Best of Fest. at Kings Cross Hotel (29th September, at 8.30 pm)

hilarium 2018

Womb cop award number two!

Posted: February 25, 2018 in acting, awards, festivals

For anyone who hasn’t been following this Womb Cop is a short film starring Madeleine Culp and Sam Kissajukian and directed by Corey Farrell. It now has its second international award!

womb cop award2

A fun night at Vibe Comedy at Magic Mike on Saturday 24th February 2018. All the comedians were in consternation when they found that half the audience were under the age of 5. There was a lot of hasty editing of swear words. I myself toyed with jokes about Henry the octopus for the Wiggles fans in the audience. Other just ploughed through — we counted two uses of the expression “sick cunt”. Nigh-nighs time came during the break thankfully, and I got to do my octopus story, complete with the word “fuck.”

Last night of Fringe 2017

Posted: October 1, 2017 in festivals, gigs, venues

sue at hilarium fringe

Caption is quote from Ray Cashman on FaceBook: “Is there anything better in Sydney Comedy than watching an intimate audience exposed to Sue Thomas for the first time?”  Very funny.

Had a great time checking out the (Un)Australian show and the Funniest Shorts show at the Factory Theatres (which I was in — In Corey Farrell’s Womb Cop). Then I had to make a mercy dash down King Street Newtown to appear in the “Nasty” show at the Hilarium.

When I got there the place was packed. The Arab showcase was very good and deserved all the attention it , was getting. I watched with pleasure: Saed, Frida, Jamal and Seizure all going at it with consummate professionalism.

I got a last minute spot at the “Nasty” show and had a lot of fun. A great way to round out the festival. Thanks to Seizure (and Rodney Todd and Corey Farrell) and the guys at Hive Bar for making this the Fringe Festival with the most Sue Thomas content so far. Full on!!!

This is what Seizure said on FaceBook: Last night the Hilarium Sydney comedy club finished up its contract with Sydney Fringe Festival and have closed its doors for now (don’t worry, we will pop up again soon). It was a fun and awesome experience for all involved.

Kebab Tonight — Tomorrow

Posted: September 19, 2017 in festivals, gigs, venues

Me in Rodney’s show at the Factory – what can I say?

kebab tonight

I had a lot of fun. More on Quotev later. Check out the Fringe Comedy ad.

How do you choose between two posters as gorgeous as this? Thank you Paige Halley.  Of course I chose the one with the pink scarf because it is zany and catches the eye.  The good thing is it makes me look like I have something exciting to reveal. Sadly it does make me look like my mother on heat.

 Event for First Show

 Event for Second Show

Please note the advertised time for the shows is 8PM.