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The lovely Bella Fiorentino put on a great night once again at Parliament Cafe on Sunday 8th July. It was a lot of fun. She had me as the “feature” artist and it was a lot of pressure because I always think of myself as an ensemble kind of guy. Still I gave them all I got. Maybe a bit more.

The other acts, as always, were standout particularly the first guy Paul was great telling poems about Bondi (my home town), very lyrical and pure. Bella sang a song with her clear haunting voice. It was a very nice laid back night, just like the night in April.

This is what Bella said on FaceBook:

Bring your instruments and spill your woes with some whisky and caffeine, sprinkles and whipped cream! Another night of madness, music, poetry and a saucy erotic comedian, the dearest Sue Thomas! Some StayFly artworks will be on exhibition, the one and only YOORI will be painting the night away and all ticket proceeds go to a charity chosen by you! We wont be voting or ringing any bells for time limits! Just a poem or song per person & if times left you can go again. Hope to see you there!

Sign up is 5.30 with a 6pm start, jam starts around 7.30 and if you would like to sell or exhibit any artworks or handmade thingamabobs (I took some tee shirts and booklets — I know that was a bit cheesy but I sold some, so there!)

parliament cafe


Literotica launch

Posted: August 20, 2017 in publishing, reviews, stories

I’ve been (s)exploring the Literotica website on the suggestion of my friend Amy and its full of surprises. Still no luck on the pederasty-bestiality-or necrophilia but there are a lot of regular and not so regular sex stories (and web cam). I’ve put up three stories – got one published, one rejected (you’ve got to play by the rules). The one that was published already has 3 likes. Check this story out. 



Here’s the trailer for Womb Cop for those of us that don’t have a 3 minute attention span. LOL. Its even funnier at 10 seconds! Check it out!

This is what director Corey Farrell posted on FaceBook:

Womb Cop “the ultrasound” aka. VFX/Grade breakdown…

Although it’s a silly little short a lot of hard work went into making it look as good as it could. Here’s a little vid to highlight that x

Special thanks to Clem and Yavor and Heckler

Credit: Ace of Bass




Finger Bang is released!!!

Posted: March 13, 2017 in acting, publishing, videos

Acting in Matt Fung’s short Finger Bang is only my second go at acting in a film. It was a lot of fun to shoot it with a group of talented young people (Geraldine, Freddie, Jonathan and James). It was like being on the shoot of “A Hard Day’s Night” (with the Beatles) but with less music and not in black and white.  Anyway, here is the finished product.  I think it is very funny, I didn’t write it but I got one of the starring roles. Good on me. Thank God the water boarding sound affect was put on “in post”.


More Blood — my first fanzine

Posted: September 19, 2016 in photos, publishing, stories

More Blood is one of my more aggressive stories that we’ve made into a fanzine — Stephanie Broadbridge and I have been working on it together, supplying this wonderful cover. The book has got sex in it but it also has a lot of blood (that thing poking out in his groinal area is his hand) LOL. Its printed and signed copies are available from me.

From the back cover

Entrant for the Ticonderoga Publications short story collectionBloodlines”.

‘At last he got her into the bedroom and spread-eagled her body on the bed. Fossicking in his bag he found hand-cuffs and fixed Natalie’s wrists and ankles to the bed. Natalie was lovely. He had never seen her without her clothes. He could see the details of her body through the night gown’s gauze. Oh how I’d love to have you now thought Nigel, all the blood rushing to his crotch. But the ritual had to be observed, just like he’d dreamt of in his script …’

Nigel is a man who has realised his dreams: the dream job in advertising, the chance to gaze at his dream woman all day and living in New York. But he’s still not happy. Every day he sits there thinking about writing his killer movie script when he is supposed to be writing ads for cheese. Then one day he is called into his boss’ office. That’s when things start to go horribly wrong. This is a story of what happens when you learn you can fight your way past the boredom and make brilliant art out of your “stuff”.

‘This is the kind of book I like to read: lots of blood, body parts, and who really ends up getting hurt? The woman, haha!

Jack the Ripper

‘Nigel is the kind of man I can do business with: someone who’s into prank movies, racism, and Devil worship. The boy should go far’


Enjoying FicWad

Posted: August 11, 2015 in publishing, stories

Tom Sanderson at Mugg and Kettle comedy room said “Sue, why don’t you put some of your stories up on the internet?” and I thought yeah I really should do that. But of course I was scared. What would people think of my stuff and would there be legal repercussions (I spent ages editing out the words “Sea World” from the Rachel and the racist cockroach story, because I might get sued). I got myself really hung up on all these things.

Then I thought its out there for everyone to look at already, let’s face it that train has already left the station, I have YouTubes all over the internet (some of them with pretty fruity stuff). So I did a search for good sites for posting my stories and I found FicWad and I chose it because it had an erotica category and I felt particularly vulnerable about this aspect of my stuff. It was quite easy to use (though I made a mouthful of it, how like me). Here are the first of my posts:

  1. Samantha and her virtual man
  2. Rachel and the racist cockroach
  3. Dolphins are fun

A bit about Me

Posted: June 18, 2015 in biography, gigs, publishing, venues, videos

A bit about me: I got into comedy late in life when I first noticed Paul McDermott on Good News Week making it seem so easy and fun.

I started writing like a madman, did several courses at the Writers Studio in Sydney and wrote a novel based on my live TV experiences (which I still has in my bottom drawer – takers anyone?)

After that came a long journey of open mike performances around Sydney and Melbourne. Yes I did enter Triple J’s Raw Comedy competition (5 times – until they told me not to) and yes; I have played the Comedy Store (back in the day).

I’ve been a regular at a Mic in Hand at the Friend in Hand Hotel since its inception, I’m one of the founding members of Phuklub at the Roxbury Hotel where I developed my current style and recently I played the iconic Harold Park Hotel!

Right now I’m writing more short stories, doing open mike comedy, and getting my stuff out on YouTube. I’m a kind of latter day comedy Sheherazade.