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This is how my Thursday afternoons usually go: I have a conversation with myself about Thursday evening. But I can’t decide because there are so many good rooms on that night.

Me: Shall I go to Crown for a comedy spot or to Mic in Hand for fine comedy?

Me: You could go to Tudor.

Me: No I didn’t get on.

[goes to the kitchen to check if mobile phone has charged]

Me: Maybe someone has sent me a message [checks phone and finds a message from Liam at the Friend in Hand]

Liam: would you like a spot? [the message is from an hour ago]

Me: Can I still have a spot?

[seconds later] Liam: yes sweet!

So I went to the Friend and this is the result. I think it went pretty well since I prepared most of it (not the script obviously), on the bus. Check it out!

Running Order: MC: Aoron Chen, Chris Kearey, Sue Thomas, Jono Lee, Ben Kochan, Bonnie Tangey, Nina Oyama, Headliner: Nick Sun.


Tudor gig 30-7-17

Posted: July 30, 2017 in gigs, running sheets, venues

Watch out!!! I’m on at Tudor — second bracket. Its a solid cast. Look at these babies it should be a great night!!!

Tudor Comedy First Half 🎉

Andrew Paskin
Sally Kimpton
Marcel Blanch-de Wilt
Stephanie Broadbridge
Johnny Power
Ben Squires
Jamie Kirk
Billy D’Arcy
Connor Van Vuuren

🎉Tudor comedy second Half: 🎉

Sue Thomas
José Mathias
Fletcher Lowe
Tom Sanderson
EJ Rovedi
Tom Orr
Sarath Chandra
Sian Smyth
Wiley Jay

What set did I do? Did I get my vibrator out? I know I got laughs. Haha.

magic mic28-6-17

Tudor Gig 20-7-17

Posted: July 20, 2017 in gigs, running sheets, venues

Haven’t been to Tudor for at least six months. Its a good room but there are so many good rooms on a Thursday night. I am trying to share myself around.

Here’s the line-up I have a plumb spot (second after the break):

Tudor Comedy First Half:

What a line up!! – Please be in the room for your spot ☺️❤️

Joe Antar
Nick Skeer
Billy D’Arcy
Gearard McGeown
Matthew Lane
Freddie McManus
Ben Squires
Chris Kearey
Jamie Kirk
Ben Kochan
Jen Carnovale

Dave Noble is hosting a “flaky” show at the Chippo on Sundays and we will see what goes down. I was just looking for the event on FaceBook. Here it is.



This should be a good one — I’m just doing stand-up this time but it will be fun watching our pals fighting it out — particularly Seizure Kaiser and Simon Kennedy who have already been sparring on the net!


roast battle-4-7-17

This is what the FaceBook ad. says:

Comedy on Edge proudly presents

2 competitiors go back and forth insulting each other in this no holds barred anti-pc game of slams!
Audience pick the winners!

Battle of the Syd Comedy Scene
‘Simon Kennedy VS Seizure Kaiser

Card 1
Gavin Scott VS Anthony Skinner

Card 2
Nate Eubanks VS José Mathias

with Special Guest Judges

Hosted by Andrew Barnett

with special appearance by D. Trump!

Check out clips from previous Roast Battles here

Also on the night you have stand ups performing

Jack Morgan
David Poltorak
Fletcher Lowe
Tom Sanderson
Marty Morgan
Andrew Cougle
Khaldoun Hosni
Arnie Pie
Paige Hally
JJ Mullard
Sue Thomas

Buy Tickets online for only $10
or $15 at the door

for details visit

special thanks to Brian Moses (creator of Roast Battles) and the Comedy Store LA


What I did last night — its a great little room with lots of potential. Be there!

This is what they said on FaceBook: We did it! Molotov is back! Opening night jitters were quickly tossed aside as Sydney’s favourite open mic choo choo trains arrived at the station. Big thanks to the very attractive, cool and popular Alfie Cannock and Tom Sanderson for hosting.

Special mention goes to the NSW State Government whomst requires us to have three security guards on the door after 9pm. Better get your heckles in before nine because after then you just might get BOUNCED. See ya next week.

Here’s the running sheet for the first bracket — I was in the second bracket and had a lot of fun and yes, I stayed to the end.

molotov reborn