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Character Comedy Night. What a great idea from Seizure Kaiser! I’m headliner!

Anthony Locascio, Peter Gleeson, Ben Wilshaw, Kristin Boesenberg.

character night


Sunday 1-10-17 was great at World Bar. I had a great time working on the Glory Hole story, which maybe 6 and a half minutes or whatever.

Tonight I’m appearing at Coogee Bay Hotel (2-10-17 ). Here’s the running sheet.

MC – Brett Blake (10) – Sean Michaels (7) – Sue Thomas (7) – Kyle Legacy (7) — BREAK — MC – Brett Blake (5) – Justin Jones (7) Head Liner – Nic Capper (20)

Last night of Fringe 2017

Posted: October 1, 2017 in festivals, gigs, venues

sue at hilarium fringe

Caption is quote from Ray Cashman on FaceBook: “Is there anything better in Sydney Comedy than watching an intimate audience exposed to Sue Thomas for the first time?”  Very funny.

Had a great time checking out the (Un)Australian show and the Funniest Shorts show at the Factory Theatres (which I was in — In Corey Farrell’s Womb Cop). Then I had to make a mercy dash down King Street Newtown to appear in the “Nasty” show at the Hilarium.

When I got there the place was packed. The Arab showcase was very good and deserved all the attention it , was getting. I watched with pleasure: Saed, Frida, Jamal and Seizure all going at it with consummate professionalism.

I got a last minute spot at the “Nasty” show and had a lot of fun. A great way to round out the festival. Thanks to Seizure (and Rodney Todd and Corey Farrell) and the guys at Hive Bar for making this the Fringe Festival with the most Sue Thomas content so far. Full on!!!

This is what Seizure said on FaceBook: Last night the Hilarium Sydney comedy club finished up its contract with Sydney Fringe Festival and have closed its doors for now (don’t worry, we will pop up again soon). It was a fun and awesome experience for all involved.

More Glory Hole 26-9-17

Posted: September 30, 2017 in gigs, running sheets, venues

What a night! Last minute show at Tudor and Mic. in Hand. Smashed at both.

Running sheets later.

I’m really looking forward to this gig. Its a lovely room and James Smith is topping the bill. I can’t believe I’m opening for someone who opened for Arj Barker.

Here’s the line-up:  [From Pat Doherty]: Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well! Tonight kicks off at 8:30 P.M. at Hemingway’s in Manly MC and Support call time: 8:15 P.M. HL: 9:00 P.M.  RUNSHEET: Alex (10) Wiley (5) Sue (7) Tristan (7) BREAK Alex (10) James (20) Wiley will be running the show tonight so if you have any issues please get in contact with him. Thank heaps and see you all soon!

That is: Alex Jae (MC) — Wiley J., Me, Tristan Haze and the wonderful James Smith (headliner).

dirty thunder 27-9-17


Kebab Tonight — Tomorrow

Posted: September 19, 2017 in festivals, gigs, venues

Me in Rodney’s show at the Factory – what can I say?

kebab tonight

I had a lot of fun. More on Quotev later. Check out the Fringe Comedy ad.

Revving up for Fringe I went along to do a spot at the Friend in Hand last Thursday (31st August). Took plenty of flyers. Check out the new video, and these names. Quite a line-up!

MC: Sam Taunton

First Bracket: Jamie Kirk, Jamie Juwono, Jonas Holt

Second Bracket: Bruce Griffiths, Me, Suren Jayamanne

Headliner: Cassie Workman