Revving up for Fringe I went along to do a spot at the Friend in Hand last Thursday (31st August). Took plenty of flyers. Check out the new video, and these names. Quite a line-up!

MC: Sam Taunton

First Bracket: Jamie Kirk, Jamie Juwono, Jonas Holt

Second Bracket: Bruce Griffiths, Me, Suren Jayamanne

Headliner: Cassie Workman



Molotov Returns

Posted: August 31, 2017 in gigs, running sheets, venues

Another long but suitably peppy night of Molotov Comedy at Two Wolves Wednesday night.  Freddie McManus, Fletcher Lowe and George Pettifer were excellent at keeping the night rolling along with the huge friendly audience. I think we made a good fist of it over all (big cheers to first ever at the new location Andrew Cougle). I was really nervous because I wanted to make a good impression but I got a lot of nice feedback. Here’s a snapshot of the first Bracket ever.

molotov returns

Crown gig 17-8-17

Posted: August 20, 2017 in fans, gigs, running sheets, venues

It was a fun night — if a little bijou — good on Gavin Scott for keeping the night going. And what happened to the chef? This poor man got bumped from the Friend in Hand hotel which mistified me at the time because I had always been a fan of his work. Turns out asking for a raise before your shift doesn’t work (I imagine). Luckily the boss lady can cook a mean chip. LOL Here’s who was there.

crown 17-8-17


Literotica launch

Posted: August 20, 2017 in publishing, reviews, stories

I’ve been (s)exploring the Literotica website on the suggestion of my friend Amy and its full of surprises. Still no luck on the pederasty-bestiality-or necrophilia but there are a lot of regular and not so regular sex stories (and web cam). I’ve put up three stories – got one published, one rejected (you’ve got to play by the rules). The one that was published already has 3 likes. Check this story out. 



How do you choose between two posters as gorgeous as this? Thank you Paige Halley.  Of course I chose the one with the pink scarf because it is zany and catches the eye.  The good thing is it makes me look like I have something exciting to reveal. Sadly it does make me look like my mother on heat.

 Event for First Show

 Event for Second Show

Please note the advertised time for the shows is 8PM.



This message from director Corey Farrell on Facebook today:

Congrats again to team WOMB COP for being selected in Australia’s Funniest Shorts!!!

It will be screening at this years Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival as well!

Link –

(The video shows on 26th,  28th,  30th September at 8.15 pm.)

Three gigs in a row this week

Posted: August 3, 2017 in gigs, venues

Three gigs in a row this week:

Wednesday night: Magic Mic. at the Magic Monkey, Kings Cross (it was a full on night, with special guest Tony Woods).

Thursday night: Tudor Comedy at the Tudor Hotel, Redfern (I’m on the first bracket so don’t be late!)

Friday night: Dirty Harry’s open mike at the Ivanhoe Hotel, the Corso Manly.