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Sue at Jurassic Lounge

Posted: November 2, 2013 in gigs, venues

Sue at Jurassic Lounge

Got a spot at Jurassic Lounge and played to a huge crowd. After that we had a few cocktails and things when a bit astray. This is what happens when you get a couple of Velvet Elivises in me, I’m in the paddling pool with a whole lot of fruit!

10-05-16. Jurassic Lounge was a very enjoyable, if scary gig, or gigs because I think I did it at least a couple of times. Payment was by drink token (yeah, so you had to have the cocktail, a velvet Elvis was the best).

I was sitting there with my drink and this lady said “so this is an amateur show” and I pointed out to her that if I was getting this drink I had been paid, so it was professional, and which was the best part, tax free!