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The Hilarium moved to Magic Monkey at Kings Cross this year and has been a lot of fun. A lot more than I could possibly have imagined when I was thinking about doing the Sydney Fringe this year. I think the shows I took part in at the Hilarium can be counted a success as well because plenty of people turned up. Some sessions were packed to capacity and more (don’t tell anyone). A lot of nice people came up to me and gave me feedback, thanks everyone. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Here’s me on video at Roast Battle.

hilarium at fringe 2018

Dean Hagland partnered up with Seizure again on this Fringe project, before he returned to the USA. Seizure Kaiser, as usual, is the entrepreneur par excellence!!! I say that mostly because he’s put a few gigs my way for Fringe this year. For instance:

  1. xxx Comedy Show (1st, 6th and 29th September, at 9.30 pm)
  2. Best of Fest.  (8th, 20th, 22nd and 29th September, 7.30 pm)
  3. Wicked Women (Friday 7th and 8 Sept., 9.30 pm)
  4. Roast Battle (against Gavin Scott — he won — 14th September, 8.30 pm)
  5. Its a Match!!! (21st and 27th September at 9.30 pm)
  6. Open Mike at the Kings Cross Hotel, (21st, 22nd and 29th September, 11.30 pm)
  7. Best of Fest. at Kings Cross Hotel (29th September, at 8.30 pm)

hilarium 2018


History at Crown Comedy

Posted: February 25, 2018 in gigs, running sheets, videos

I was there on Thursday night for Crown Comedy‘s third birthday (22-2-18) . Justin Jones passed over the crown to Gavin Scott. Lewisham is where comedy gets real at the Louis Hotel And this one (you can see my arm to the right of the screen. LOL). Check out this video. 

And this one (you can see my arm to the right of the screen. LOL).

Here’s a snapshot of who hangs out at Crown.

crown comedy22-2-18


Good spots this week

Posted: December 10, 2017 in fans, gigs, venues, videos

Some good spots this week, they were all good. Let’s face it. I did 5 spots in a row and I enjoyed it all. Doing comedy is a lot of fun.

Here’s where I was: Sunday (3 Dec): Tudor — Monday (4 Dec): Moshpit — Tuesday (5 Dec): Sweenies — Wednesday (6 Dec): Molotov at Two Wolves — Thursday (7 Dec): Mic in Hand at a Friend in Hand.

As it was a show where people paid (no, not me, LOL) Thursday at the Friend in Hand was a big deal and I gave myself a bit of pressure. But I thought it went pretty well. Audience members said they enjoyed it (and they liked the T-shirt, haha). You set yourself goals and in the heat of battle you either hit them or not. Better luck next time. Woo Hoo!!! Anyway this is what I came up with — see what you think.


Nippers escape!

Posted: November 19, 2017 in acting, videos

OMG! I’m on a webcast (or whatever the young people call it). Check out Comedy Central. Its called Nippers of Dead Bird Bay (episode 1. The new kid). And I am in it for one horrible second. This fragment was the result of an hour spent in Craig Anderson’s bedroom in Marrickville (no he wasn’t there). I spent the whole time laughing maniacally to order and they only used this weird little bit where I crooked my finger. Its worth a look — everyone in Sydney comedy is in there for a shot at shaving a few seconds off their fifteen minutes of fame. Thanks to Sam Campbell and Eric Hutton for giving me the part.

Dave Eastgate Shoot

Posted: September 24, 2017 in acting, gigs, videos

Friday night (22nd Sept. 2017) I was up at Factory Theatres at the beginning of my bigh night. The cast of Ahmed Zhub – Kebab Tonight were hanging, waiting to go on stage.

That was when Greta said “did you get a phone call from Nick Radford from A-List?”.  I checked my phone and apparently I had. Would I like to take part in a shoot as an extra with Dave Eastgate? I said yes. Why wouldn’t I? Dave was fighting someone at a barbeque. It sounded fun.

So there I was at Marrickville Park after my big night at the Factory with Ahmed Zhub – Kebab Tonight and my Roast Battle at the Hilarium feeling a little bit tired. The sun was beating down on our heads.

We all sat around a table like we were at a barbeque and we were the family of Greta or Dave who were at daggers drawn. We look at the actors. We don’t like Greta and we don’t like Dave Williams who was wearing a shirt with an AC/DC badge. We all just watch while Greta puts a pavlova on the table and Alistair’s girls pinch strawberries off the top and run away. That was our scene.

Then we just hung around some more, trying to find the shade.  Boner Contention, all dressed in black sat under a tree and looked pretty cool.

The video was set at a barbeque area and everyone else had something to do. Dave Eastgate and Greta had some other scenes to do, the crew were prepping (making things look like a barque, setting up cameras and the kids were playing as kids do (Alistair’s kids got a lot of stuff to do, stealing food, throwing food, I was quite jealous).

I just stood around checking out the other people having fun; making stupid jokes.

One scene (not connected with the video) that amused me was on the slippery dip, a little boy was funnelling gravel down a shute to a little girl and every time he did it she went “no, no, no!” I thought it was funny (because he kept on doing it. Haha).

After a couple of hours of watching other people acting and watching other people prepping and watching people play; the director said “that’s a wrap!” I thought it was a barbeque.  LOL. I think I like to be centre stage.

Turns out it was for the Boner Contention’s Bonerific BBQ/Video Shoot. Another one for my “acting” CV?



Revving up for Fringe I went along to do a spot at the Friend in Hand last Thursday (31st August). Took plenty of flyers. Check out the new video, and these names. Quite a line-up!

MC: Sam Taunton

First Bracket: Jamie Kirk, Jamie Juwono, Jonas Holt

Second Bracket: Bruce Griffiths, Me, Suren Jayamanne

Headliner: Cassie Workman


This message from director Corey Farrell on Facebook today:

Congrats again to team WOMB COP for being selected in Australia’s Funniest Shorts!!!

It will be screening at this years Sydney Fringe Comedy Festival as well!

Link –

(The video shows on 26th,  28th,  30th September at 8.15 pm.)