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Having a lot of fun this weekend making a blog with the photos I took at Sexpo Sydney 2016 on May 15. Have a look I’m going to put more videos and stuff soon.




Laugh Mob Sundays 19-6-16

Posted: June 16, 2016 in gigs, venues


See you at the World Bar on Sunday 19-6-16!!!

24-6-16 Looking back and thinking what a fun gig this was. I was really grateful so I messaged Kyle Legacy (who runs the room) to say thanks. He said “Hey,  no worries dude! U killed, thanks a lot.” Which I was also happy about — maybe he will book me again. Thanks to the drunk people and the stoned people and the comedians who all listened (let’s face it I was holding a purple vibrator — they probably thought “what the f**k is going on?!!”), the comedian in the front row that I flirted with and especially the blond lady who cried.  It was a good and memorable gig and fun for us all. Thanks again!

I’m getting pumped for my spot at World Bar on Sunday 19th June. It should be a corker! The last couple of weeks the show has been in the upstairs bar — perfect for comedy and cocktails — or just comedy. See you there!!!



Since the Sam and Kent started the room at the Friend in Hand I have been a regular audience member and participant. I love the ambiance, the barstaff and the food (what???)

Its a great place to watch excellent comedy and if you’re a comedian; hang out with your friends. The anniversary is coming up this week and we are all incredibly grateful for the comedy home that Liam and Wayne have provided for us on Thursday night.

Here are the pdfs of the running sheets of some of my dates at a Mic. in Hand, what a lot of excellent comedians I have had the privilege of appearing with!!!

June 20, 2013 friend 06-20-13

March 12, 2015 friend 03-12-15

October 8, 2015 friend 10-8-15

February 4, 2016 friend 02-4-16

February 6, 2016 friend 02-6-16


I couldn’t believe it! I rocked up at the Friend on a Thursday night and I thought ‘I’ll just have my dinner and enjoy a show’. It was the very funny ‘ladies night’ series. And Liam said “someone’s dropped out”. And I said “I’ll see what I’ve got”. My policy is ‘never say no to a gig’, but I was shitting myself — could I do a good set two weeks in a row??? You be the judge. Check it out. (Here is the Facebook event)

This is the line up — impressive or what??? friend 26-5-16

A great gig at the Friend

Posted: June 12, 2016 in gigs, venues, videos

I had a great gig at the Friend in Hand hotel on Thursday 26-5-16. The first one was a booked gig and I was all pumped up for it — how good was this? Ciel who is a bit of an idol on mine as MC and Jen Carnovale as the headliner and me in the middle — Wow!!! Check it out . (Here’s the event)