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I must have learnt how to do this comedy thing. More booked gigs in November. I have been having a lot of fun. More to come!

  1. Tuesday 6th November — Melbourne Cup. Giddy Up Comedy! — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge  —  Featuring a variety of Stand Ups comics who have been celebrating since 1pm getting rowdy with the audience with one of the most loosest and down right funniest shows. So if you wanna laugh… then giddy up!
    Sue Thomas
    Dane Hiser
    Alex white
    Jamie Kirk
    Jonas Holt
    Paige Hally
    Craig McLeod
    Peter Gleeson
    Sam Menzies
    Cory Fernandez
  2. Thursday 15th November — Hilarium Comedy — At Kingscross Hotel for Comedy on Edge

Booked Gigs in October

Posted: November 11, 2018 in facebook, festivals, gigs, venues

You know what they say girls who have fun don’t write in their diaries. I was one of those girls this month. I have had some choice gigs. And as I often say to myself: if you can’t write a story write a list. Here goes:

  1. Tuesday 2nd October — Set List — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge — Set List refines the idea of ‘improvised stand-up’ into a hilarious showcase of some of stand-up comedy’s best minds working.” – Punchline Magazine
    Jamie Kirk
    Jarred Keane
    Sue Thomas
    Joel Henry
    Darien Brown
  2. Saturday 13th October — Pat Doherty’s Late Night Show — At Staves Brewery during the Powerbomb Festival — This is what Pat said on FaceBook: Thank you to everyone that came to see PDLNS on Saturday for the @powerbombcomedy Festival at @stavesbrewery .
    My Dad came along and after the show proceeded to tell me, ‘You were good but the show just needs a little more Alfie (@alfiecannock )’
    The best dang house band in the World the @vintage_slims
    @whitebaitonline , Sue Thomas, @benkochan , @kathrynteee (also thank you for producing) and Alan Rutledge! Thanks to our other brilliant producer Dan Pollock.
    Thank you to the @powerbombcomedy gang for putting in all the effort to create what is a super fun comedy festival!
    @ Powerbomb Comedy
      (photographs).sue at powerbomb fest oct2018.jpg
  3. Tuesday 16th October — Swapsies (Sue Thomas/Anna Price) — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge — Video of the audience Thap Joan and Sam Menzies host a comedy event where 6 comedians will do their acts on stage and then later in the show they swap sets with each other! The challenge is to see who can do it the other persons set better after seeing & hearing it for the first time. One of the funniest shows to come out of the festival circuit and based on the hit JOKE THEIVES this is a show not to miss!
    Featuring acts
    Shayne Hunter and Craig McLeod
    Dave Henningham and Marty Morgan
    Sue Thomas and Dolores Lorette
    more TBA With special performances by Seizure Kaiser and a special guest
  4. Saturday 20th October — Cider Festival show — Tudor Hotel for Tudor Comedy —
  5. Tuesday 23rd October — “Its a Match!!!” — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge –ITS A MATCH! a Tinder-themed panel show where we explore people’s love lives onstage in a hilarious and heartfelt show that you don’t wanna miss!
    The rules are simple: you put your name in the bucket on the night or online and if you are selected, you get up onstage and have your profile reviewed by our panel of “experts”. Its gonna be embarrassing, heartfelt, honest, gross, and also very very funny.
    Hosted by
    Anthony Locascio – Comedian and featuring
    Christian Elderfield (Comedian)
    Seizure Kaiser
    Jarred Keane
    Thap Joan
    Sophine Bramnick (US)
    Ben Squires
    Sue Thomas
    David Poltorak
  6. Thursday 25th October — Kings Cross Comedy Club — At Kingscross Hotel for Comedy on Edge
  7. Sunday 28th October — What She Said Comedy (“Doggy Style poem”) — Chippo Hotel what she said 28-10-2018
  8. Tuesday 30th October — Comedy Covers (As Joan Rivers) — Chippo Hotel for Comedy on Edge —  The 8th Annual
    See Sydney comedians dress up and cover their favourite comedians act
    This is a fun annual event celebrating comedians and the acts who are inspired by them. Hosted by Seizure Kaiser as TBA, Featuring:
    Fady Kassab as George Carlin
    Fabian Aguirre as tba
    Matthew Williamson as Arj Barker
    Joel Henry as Frankie Boyle
    Joel anderson as tba
    Ashleigh K-ay as Dane Cook
    Cory Fernandez as Dave Attel
    Sue Thomas as Joan Rivers
    Sam Menzies as Joe Rogan

I did my Doggy Style set at the Friend in Hand (Thursday 23-8-2018) and I was amused by how much people laughed in the weirdest of places — like I could hardly get past the first line of poem! (“I love my dog …”). They were weird but nice. So were the other comedians. Check this line-up out:

MC: Ben Darso — First Bracket: Sayed Batchon, Clinton Haines, Marcel Blanch De Wilt — Second Bracket: Seizure, Sue Thomas, Luke Joseph Ryan — Headliner: Peter Berner.

This is what they said on FaceBook:

Feature – Peter Berner

Peter Berner is without doubt one of Australia’s most popular and respected media entertainers, stand-up comics and corporate performers.

Peter started his career as a stand up comic in 1988. Since this time he has performed locally and internationally, as well as writing and performing solo comedy shows in festivals in Australia and the UK. His intelligent humour has always set him apart as one performer who can comfortably straddle comedy styles as disparate as satire, observational comedy and reactive comedy with ease leaving audiences in hysterics. His comedy has also proven to translate into electronic media, with Peter constantly employed on both TV and radio since 2000.

Peter’s major TV Hosting roles have been “BackBerner” and “Einstein Factor” both on ABCTV (all up he has presented more than 300 hours of national television!), and he’s been a valued, successful and integral member of Triple M’s talent base for the past 10 years.

MC – Benny Darsow
Ben Darsow is on fire after a sell-out Perth Fringeworld, 4.5 star Adelaide Fringe and triumphant return to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2016.

This closely follows a breakout tour of the USA and Canada last year.

Ben combines clever observational humour with free-flowing audience interaction and performs with an undeniable joy for the craft.

This is what they said on Face Book about What She Said… I did my Octopus Poem and I think it was enjoyed.

Get ready for an amazing night of comedy this week at What She Said with performances from Sian SmythSue ThomasRosie PiperBri EllenNaomi Mourra ComedyKathryn Maelbox ThomasAngelaSullen, Paige Hally, Rachael MillantaAlly Cockrell +Kimberley Greaves, and your host, Sophie Long!

Join us this Sunday at The Chippo Hotel and end your weekend on a high! — with Rachael Millanta.

what she said2-aug3-2018

This is what Argyle Comedy club looks like:


This is what Thalia said on FaceBook:

I used to dred Monday’s… now they are my favourite day!!Another stellar line up, I could not be more excited!!  Doors open 7pm, show starts 7:30pm. FREE ENTRY! And $10 Pizza!!  Message me to reserve a table!

[Monday 16th July]. Thank you to everyone who braved the cold and nursed their french hangover at Argyle Comedy Club last night!! Was an absolute stellar line up and looking forward to next week!!

Line up:
Jason Leigh
Dean Podmore
Andrew Paskin
Reece Boyall
Rachel Millanta
Paul Westervelt
Harry Jun
Craig McLeod
Billy D’Arcy
Joe Antar
Sue Thomas
Jimmy Pringle
Tom Casey
Jacob Perry
Alia Lievore
Thomas Orr
Wiley Jay
Jack Schirnack
Rowan Thambar
Patrick G
Sayed Batshon

The lovely Bella Fiorentino put on a great night once again at Parliament Cafe on Sunday 8th July. It was a lot of fun. She had me as the “feature” artist and it was a lot of pressure because I always think of myself as an ensemble kind of guy. Still I gave them all I got. Maybe a bit more.

The other acts, as always, were standout particularly the first guy Paul was great telling poems about Bondi (my home town), very lyrical and pure. Bella sang a song with her clear haunting voice. It was a very nice laid back night, just like the night in April.

This is what Bella said on FaceBook:

Bring your instruments and spill your woes with some whisky and caffeine, sprinkles and whipped cream! Another night of madness, music, poetry and a saucy erotic comedian, the dearest Sue Thomas! Some StayFly artworks will be on exhibition, the one and only YOORI will be painting the night away and all ticket proceeds go to a charity chosen by you! We wont be voting or ringing any bells for time limits! Just a poem or song per person & if times left you can go again. Hope to see you there!

Sign up is 5.30 with a 6pm start, jam starts around 7.30 and if you would like to sell or exhibit any artworks or handmade thingamabobs (I took some tee shirts and booklets — I know that was a bit cheesy but I sold some, so there!)

parliament cafe

Two Wolves bites the dust

Posted: June 2, 2018 in facebook, gigs, venues

billy-george-freddy at molotov

Molotov (the sign-up-on-the-night room, previously known as Mugg and Kettle) has always been a bone of contention but that was part of its charm. So we were cheap, used the f and the c words, and broke most of the licencing laws. We got a lot of talent flowing through those poorly lit, poorly sanitised, poorly maintained halls.

On Wednesday 30th May 2018, after a nine month experiment to prove the proposition that underground comedy can work at a Christian run bar, the team (Freddy McManus, Billy Darcy and George Pettifer) called it a day. Don’t get me wrong, there was as always an enthusiastic following, but in this the third try for the franchise, artistic differences were cited as one of the reasons the venue gave for the split. The audiences loved us; but the venue had God on their side.

I have always been kind of hooked on this room because there were none of the constraints that there are in many rooms where you have to be good. I think you have to be bad to be good.  It’s all part of the creative process. Try things out, throw out what you don’t like and then build on what remains. That’s what was so valuable about this room. And I’d just like to say well done to all the people who have been involved, running, participating and most of all, supporting the room; because no room is any good without a crowd.

Molotov crowds have been very kind to me and for that I thank them. They are champions. Sitting through 40 plus comedians week after week, some of whom are doing comedy for the first time, can’t be easy, especially when they have to do it sitting on very hard chairs.

I took a survey on the last night of Molotov because I was afraid that I was solely responsible for the room’s demise. The other comedians brought up a lot of controversial concepts for the audience to deal with like: drug taking, racism, religion, pederasty, bestiality and sex toys, making it a challenging and lively show.