I had a great experience last month at the Loose Leaf Literature event. Here are the February recordings from Loose Leaf Literature and as you can see there are a lot of other excellent artists on this site. I hope you enjoy them. I will definitely be going back, hopefully to perform, but certainly to watch.



Molotov Rules!

Posted: March 10, 2018 in gigs, running sheets, venues

I’m a “regular” at Molotov — its an excellent room — close to Sydney University in Two Wolves Bar — the audiences are warm and appreciative — the wait staff are very nice and don’t judge me for drinking 5 dollar beers.  Here’s this week’s second bracket with my name.


Loose-Leaf Comedy coup

Posted: March 10, 2018 in gigs, poetry slams, stories

When I got to Lazy Bones Lounge Marrickville I thought this must be the place. Was it the quirky turn of the century decor, the photographs and artwork int he  toilets or the statue of Michelangelo’s David (complete with micro penis) in the loo. Its just a lovely place. I felt immediately at home.

I had a really good time at Loose-Leaf Literature night for February.  It was great night. I did my octopus story, the Glory Hole story and two poems. I couldn’t believe I got so much time, it was excellent!

The other acts were good too. A lady told a short story about her mother and two guys did poetry and music, and a lady painted female nudes during the performances — they were all engaging and talented, I had a really good time.

After the show I got a lot of warm feedback from the other acts and the audience. I would love to go back there and perform again.

Here’s what they said about the night:

Sydney is a city overflowing with creative talent. Join us on Monday 26th February as Loose Leaf Literature celebrates the wonderful weirdos who keep our city bright, beautiful and inspirational.

Performing on the night:
– Lily Gollightly – Calvin Cheater – Sue Thomas – Finn Keogh – Live art by Bronte Rosebery

$10 Entry from 7:30pm, back in our cosy space at Lazybones Lounge, Marrickville.


Poetry at Parliament on King.  Sunday, February 4 at 5:30 PM – 9 PM. This is not my first poetry slam but it was the best (I did one at NSW Uni). I found out about it at the last moment and headed on down to Kingstreet Newtown and put my name down. It was an incredible show! I did a poem about the beginning of a relationship and all the other girls did poems about the end. There’s always a first time. You have to learn.

Here’s what they said about the show:

Music, poetry, books up to the ceiling and whisky in your coffee…
Live art and some beautiful StayFly works on exhibition.
Come and pour your heart out. Do whatever you please, there are no rules, ratings and no subject this time!
This is going to be an event running on the first Sunday of every second month starting this February of 2018!

Come and sing your heart away or rhyme your deepest joys and sorrows… Everything you have created, and everything you are, is a product of our world’s divine expression… It is an interesting time to celebrate this, and interesting to see how it manifests itself through art and through you!

Poets please comment below for a spot or come at 5pm to jot your name down.
Artists contact Bella on 0477078132 to sell or exhibit your pieces, be it

History at Crown Comedy

Posted: February 25, 2018 in gigs, running sheets, videos

I was there on Thursday night for Crown Comedy‘s third birthday (22-2-18) . Justin Jones passed over the crown to Gavin Scott. Lewisham is where comedy gets real at the Louis Hotel And this one (you can see my arm to the right of the screen. LOL). Check out this video. 

And this one (you can see my arm to the right of the screen. LOL).

Here’s a snapshot of who hangs out at Crown.

crown comedy22-2-18


Womb cop award number two!

Posted: February 25, 2018 in acting, awards, festivals

For anyone who hasn’t been following this Womb Cop is a short film starring Madeleine Culp and Sam Kissajukian and directed by Corey Farrell. It now has its second international award!

womb cop award2

A fun night at Vibe Comedy at Magic Mike on Saturday 24th February 2018. All the comedians were in consternation when they found that half the audience were under the age of 5. There was a lot of hasty editing of swear words. I myself toyed with jokes about Henry the octopus for the Wiggles fans in the audience. Other just ploughed through — we counted two uses of the expression “sick cunt”. Nigh-nighs time came during the break thankfully, and I got to do my octopus story, complete with the word “fuck.”