Late night show at Hive

Posted: January 7, 2018 in facebook, gigs, venues

I had a great night at Pat Doherty’s Late Night Show at Hive Bar.

17th December 1917.  I love doing Pat’s show because I sit in the audience and see all the great acts and then I do my bit so I get the best of both worlds.

I did my tissue paper poem witch went off pretty well — even Pat liked it and George Pettifer was a fish. I thought it was funny — he was doing an ad for knives (where do they get this stuff?

late night show17-12-17


Last Molotov of the year

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Check out this one. Me as headliner of the first half? Actually Gearard McGowen turned up and later a lot of the lovelies from Magic Mic. But I did a tight set. Haha. Hasn’t Freddie McManus got neat handwriting, and he writes left handed. LOL


Good spots this week

Posted: December 10, 2017 in fans, gigs, venues, videos

Some good spots this week, they were all good. Let’s face it. I did 5 spots in a row and I enjoyed it all. Doing comedy is a lot of fun.

Here’s where I was: Sunday (3 Dec): Tudor — Monday (4 Dec): Moshpit — Tuesday (5 Dec): Sweenies — Wednesday (6 Dec): Molotov at Two Wolves — Thursday (7 Dec): Mic in Hand at a Friend in Hand.

As it was a show where people paid (no, not me, LOL) Thursday at the Friend in Hand was a big deal and I gave myself a bit of pressure. But I thought it went pretty well. Audience members said they enjoyed it (and they liked the T-shirt, haha). You set yourself goals and in the heat of battle you either hit them or not. Better luck next time. Woo Hoo!!! Anyway this is what I came up with — see what you think.


It’s a match!

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It’s a match : Tinder comedy event is going to be fun. Me and David Polterak as randy old people.

Nippers escape!

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OMG! I’m on a webcast (or whatever the young people call it). Check out Comedy Central. Its called Nippers of Dead Bird Bay (episode 1. The new kid). And I am in it for one horrible second. This fragment was the result of an hour spent in Craig Anderson’s bedroom in Marrickville (no he wasn’t there). I spent the whole time laughing maniacally to order and they only used this weird little bit where I crooked my finger. Its worth a look — everyone in Sydney comedy is in there for a shot at shaving a few seconds off their fifteen minutes of fame. Thanks to Sam Campbell and Eric Hutton for giving me the part.

hemingway's 5-11-17.jpg

Pat Doherty’s Late Night Show was fabulous. James Snyder improvised songs based on what had happened in the show (very That Was The Week That Was — Google it). Ben Kochan and Simon Bosco really brought the house down with their chaotic humour. And Jamie Kirk was a legend with his killer set.

I had such a good time doing my “Ode to a piece of tissue paper” (Pat gave me an actual piece of tissue paper to use as a prop). Because I was a “plant” I got to see the whole show which was very funny and well received by the audience — who were very good looking — and the drinks and food were excellent (and in some cases free).

I was tremendously impressed with my ability to take direction, I remembered my cue and I remembered to fish the piece of tissue paper out of my pocket at the end. I couldn’t believe it! I was as focused as! I hope I get to do this again — every gig is a job interview, remember that. LOL.

Pat Doherty’s acting was amazing — he gave me this look when I put my hand up to get up and do my poem which was supposed to fool the audience and it nearly fooled me, my super ego said “he’s acting” and my ego said “OMG he hates me!” Fortunately my id said “he’s a babe!” and I got on stage. I think what followed went down well.

This is what Pat told us about the running order on FaceBook before the event:

Hello legends!
Hope you’re all well!
Tonight kicks off at 7:30 p.m. tonight
Please come through at 6:45 for a run through!
Running Order:

Cannock’s Segment
Card Segment
Interview with


Stand Up
1. @jamie
2. Guest
Game Segment
Poem from @sue
Musical act:

Molotov Wednesdays

Posted: October 26, 2017 in gigs, running sheets, venues

Here’s a snapshot of my favourite spot Wednesday night — Molotov at Two Wolves  (Freddie McManus handwriting sucks). When the energy is in it this room rocks!

FaceBook event for 25-10-17