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The Mark and Justin (Working Title) video is a surprise for me — I never knew I was in the video. Still its lovely to see the old place and people like Justin Lodge and George who were great pals that we haven’t seen for a while. They are probably having serious lives, not like us still joking around. Good on them!

Check out the video, it is a blast from the past. The William Hotel was a big welcoming room that we enjoyed playing in – unfortunately it got turned into a strip club. I did consider continuing there but we moved to the Chippendale Hotel instead – my pole dancing days were over anyway. Lol.

I have seriously lost weight!


Acting in Matt Fung’s short Finger Bang (original title “Home Invaders”) is only my second go at acting in a film. It was quite a voyage of discovery. I learnt I can’t remember my lines, I love pizza and am generally racked with guilt. I wrote a story about making this short film, I edited out most of the embarrassing bits (no don’t sue me I don’t have a lawyer, LOL).

By the way in case you were wondering, Wiktionary defines “fingerbanging” as: “To insert one or more digits into another person’s vagina or anus for sexual pleasure”; I knew that.

Sue and James BAE.jpg

Matt Fung did a lot of very cute preparation for his short film “Home Invaders” of which this poster is only part (it appears behind me and James Brennan behind us on the couch) — Quite a picture!!! Sorry Michelangelo!!! No, I am not God!!! (I’m still worried about the penis).

The film is part of Matt Fung’s UTS course and is destined for Tropfest. Check this YouTube out for the finished work. Its amazing!!! (Watch this space after Tropfest).

I think Matt and his friends are definitely like the Beatles though, all that  youthful enthusiasm and charisma — you wish you were one of them (in case your were still thinking about fingerbanging, just for the record, James Brennan and I are just good friends) — “my forehead itches”, I wrote that line!

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Womb Cop Shoot

Posted: October 4, 2016 in acting, biography, facebook, festivals, photos, videos

This is what I did on the weekend. Another film shoot. This time with director Corey Farrell. The Womb Cop team are headed for Tropfest it seems!!!

Here’s an account of the film shoot. It was a lot of fun.

Spoilers!!!!! Check out the trailer with the lovely Madeleine Culp.


sam-womb cop.jpg

Sam Kissajukian does green screen




Xmas is a time to reminisce: This is where it all started at Fox Studios (as it was then). Back when I started doing comedy there were very few rooms in Sydney. You went up to the Comedy Store and you put your name down on the sheet. If you didn’t get a spot you got one the following week. Not exactly heaven but it got you stage time and you got to hang out with other comedians. Here is me with all these pillars of the Sydney comedy scene (left to right: Clint Paddison, Chris Radburn, Brett Nichols, Me (Sue Thomas), Rash Rider, Mick Merridith). I’ve still got that tee shirt!

sue at fox studios

Last week at the Roxbury Hotel

Posted: December 17, 2015 in biography, gigs, photos, venues

Last week at the Roxbury Hotel — What a blow — such a nice pub and we’ve had so much fun — with Phuklub, Quest for the Best and Rox Comedy. And now they are going to tear it down! Here are some selfies of me taken in one of my favourite places in the hotel — the upstairs loo!

A bit about Me

Posted: June 18, 2015 in biography, gigs, publishing, venues, videos

A bit about me: I got into comedy late in life when I first noticed Paul McDermott on Good News Week making it seem so easy and fun.

I started writing like a madman, did several courses at the Writers Studio in Sydney and wrote a novel based on my live TV experiences (which I still has in my bottom drawer – takers anyone?)

After that came a long journey of open mike performances around Sydney and Melbourne. Yes I did enter Triple J’s Raw Comedy competition (5 times – until they told me not to) and yes; I have played the Comedy Store (back in the day).

I’ve been a regular at a Mic in Hand at the Friend in Hand Hotel since its inception, I’m one of the founding members of Phuklub at the Roxbury Hotel where I developed my current style and recently I played the iconic Harold Park Hotel!

Right now I’m writing more short stories, doing open mike comedy, and getting my stuff out on YouTube. I’m a kind of latter day comedy Sheherazade.

When I started getting into comedy I went through what I call my “creepy stalker phase” — basically I followed Paul McDermott to all of his gigs (God bless him) — it was great, I met a lot of interesting people (on and off the stage) and had a great time. Back then I thought it would be great to have fans of my own but I never thought they would be this cute! Many thanks to you, Bek and Nicole. P.S. If there are more of you out there — thanks to you too! (Note to self: buy a new bra)